New Jet Lag App


Jet lag is a nuisance when crossing more than a couple of time zones. Since neuroscience evidence continues to define sleep quality as paramount for well being, I always strive to experience as little sleep disruption as possible. As a frequent traveler I can offer 2 remedies.

This “how to sleep anywhere” description is sound and based on years of research by military and commercial aviation providers.  I have used these techniques (along with eye shades, noise cancelling headphones worn over ear plugs and padded eyeshades, a light blanket or jacket used as one) to great success.  I can fall sleep just about anywhere as long as I have a blanket for the drop in body temperature. 

But what to do about the jet lag once you arrive at your destination?  For trips with more than 2 zones of time difference I always use No Jet Lag. It is a homeopathic remedy available online. It was recommended by a fellow cruiser on a trip through Southeast Asia and I’ve used it ever since.  Used exactly as directed, I’ve found it eliminates about half of the time required to adjust to a new time zone.  It’s in my carry on for every overseas trip!

A new app called Time Shifter offers one free use and then a $25 annual subscription.  I will be using using my freebie the next time I cross the pond to see how much additional insight it provides on pre-during and post-arrival tactics.  I’ll report on that in October.  But, for now try these listed let me know how they work for you.